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Magic Drink is the largest European warehouse and exhibits about 800,000 products. Magic Drink exhibits editorial products such as Books, DVDs, Fiction Books, Children’s Books, Comics, Manga. It exhibits the best products of Italian Fashion and Leather goods. It exhibits the best products of Italian food and the best Italian wines. We collaborate with the best producers of Pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano and Gorgonzola. We collaborate with the best Tuscan wineries. We collaborate with the largest warehouses throughout Europe. Magic Drink is made up of Italian and European Entrepreneurs.

Are you a company and do you want to import Italian products into the world? Magic Drink The Italian Multistore Srl exports “Made in Italy” all over the world in a safe way with letters of credit and insured transport. Ask for a quote! If it meets your needs, open a letter of credit and we will honor the commitment made as soon as possible. With bank documentary credit, our company protects the buyer / importer against international scams that affect the exchange of international goods.

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The Transferable Letter of Credit is widely used in international exchanges between companies. This banking tool allows the triangulation between three actors: Buyer, Intermediary and Seller (Manufacturer). It allows to maintain a privacy between buyer and seller in such a way that the Buyer does not disclose, in the sales contract, sensitive data of his business to the Seller (Manufacturer). The Seller (Manufacturer), more often than not, is a multinational with financial capabilities such as to exploit the data acquired from the sale and from a customer becomes a competitor of the Buyer. Another banking instrument that allows the protection of privacy between Buyer and Seller is the Sale of Revenue.

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