italian marketplace

Magic Drink connects the Best Italian Companies and helps them export “Made in Italy” products around the World. We have a vast catalog of Italian Food and products of the Italian Large Distribution. Magic Drink exports the symbol of Italian Food: Parmesan Cheese. A cheese with a unique taste and its excellent nutritional properties.  Are you a company interested in importing Italian products? Request a quote now! We carry out insured transport and work with letters of credit in order to honor our commitments made as quickly as possible.

Italian Food Export: Fast, Safe and Possible!

Magic Drink works with Documentary Credits which protects the buyer and the seller. Magic Drink allows deferred payments 30 days after shipment. Furthermore, with the opening of the Transferable Letter of Credit, Magic Drink guarantees anonymity and privacy between the Buyer and the Major Italian Food Producers.

Magic Drink presents Vegan Parmesan Cheese with rennet of vegetable origin and without lactose.

It is a Natural Organic Product and ideal for lactose intolerant people.