Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Antonacci

Magic Drink exports Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Puglia to the world and to the United States. The oil is produced following the Apulian tradition. It is an oil of exceptional quality. Magic Drink carries out global insured shipments in 4 days thanks to the collaboration with the DHL courier. Magic Drink also carries out small orders of 20 cans of 5 liters with transport on pallets and manages to contain transport costs. Our offers are advantageous for US companies who want to sell an oil of Italian origin with high organoleptic qualities. Magic Drink carries out chemical analyzes that ascertain the high characteristics of our oil. Below you can see the results of our analyzes.

The analyzes include the following parameters:

  • Acidity: this parameter must not exceed 0.40%. Our oil has an acidity of 0.21%!
  • Peroxides: the peroxides of our oil have a value of 15.68. The peroxides for a high quality oil must not exceed the value 20.
  • Polyphenols are natural antioxidants and prevent the onset of tumors. Our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a value of 437 mg / kg. The recommended value must be greater than 250 mg / kg.
  • Oxidative Stability Index: this parameter indicates the resistance of the oil to oxidation and the hardening process and therefore determines its ability to last over time.
  • Parameter k 270: this value indicates that our oil is not mixed with less noble oils. This factor depends on the double or triple bonds and allows the Antonacci oil to be defined as a Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In fact, a pure oil must not exceed 0.16. Our oil has a value of 0.13.
Acidity 0,21 %
Peroxides 15,68 mEO2/Kg
Polyphenols 437 mg/kg
K 270 0,13