Magic Drink offers dropshipping service for the whole food department. We have a wholesale with thousands of food products. Do you have an e-commerce? You can display our food products on your e-commerce site and in case of sale Magic Drink will ship the goods to your customer with anonymous packages that do not display our logo. We have a catalog of around 1600 products. The catalog includes large-scale Italian food products like pasta, sausages, cheeses, buffalo mozzarella, fresh egg pasta, fine wines.
Fine brands of Italian food including Barilla, Lavazza, De Cecco, Galbani, Fiorucci.
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        • Conclude by paying the Initial Fee of 499.00 Euros and You will receive the Csv Catalog in 24 h
        • At the time of payment you will subscribe for a 60 euro monthly subscription (active from the month following the signing of the contract).
        • If your turnover exceeds 1500 euros per month (including VAT) your subscription will be disabled.